Edi Ettlin

As a scientific Illustrator I produce pictures which have a story to tell. Therefore, I like to dig to the roots of things, wondering how this or that might look like.


Creating images that communicate through visual language, I connect didactics, crafts, and art. In the process, I rely strongly on photography and graphic design.

Group Exhibitions

2014 Exhibition of Lucerne University
        of Applied Sciences and Arts

2016 Focus on Nature XIV,
        Jamestown, New York

2019 Bolo Klub, picture book creators
        La Scuderia, Bologna

2019 Bolo Klub, «Hercule à la plage»
        Gallery «La Joie de voir», Geneva



2014 Nomination for the price of the
        Lucerne University of Applied
        Sciences and Arts

Edi Ettlin, self portrait with mirror, pencil drawing

Edi Ettlin, Stansstaderstrasse 44, CH-6370 Stans