Recent work

In the summer of 2018, Gioachino Rossini's opera "La Cenerentola" was performed at Hallwyl Castle.

For the program booklet the production team was looking for ways to support the description of action by visual means. For this they asked Edi Ettlin. The resulting work could be considered a cross between infographics and comic.

Ettlin presents the plot of the Cinderella Opera as a game across seven pages. He introduces the characters and their vocal registers by means of playing cards. Colorful figures then follow a game plan. They disguise themselves and sing their arias in the form of drawn keywords in speech bubbles. Short sentences explain the plot.

Excerpt double page

(in German)

Oper Schloss Hallwyl 2018, La Cenerentola, Programmheft, Spielkarten
Oper Schloss Hallwyl 2018, La Cenerentola, Programmheft